You Are So Loved Print


The print was made to remind others of just how much they matter and are loved. Could be your best friend, your newborn baby, your sibling, countless others or yourself. How much impact could it have on your life and lives around you if we all believed this simple truth more regularly?

Fleur de Letters prints are lettered by hand (with lots of love!), digitized on screen, then printed on sturdy, beautiful paper from a California printer. Add it to a gallery wall, pin to your bulletin board at your desk or send it to someone who would be encouraged to read these simple words everyday.

Size: Print measures 8 x 10 inches
Paper: Recycled white paper (Professionally printed in CA)
Text Color: Gold Foil

This print is packaged in a clear sleeve and shipped in a sturdy cardboard mailer to make sure your artwork reaches you safely.