I’m ready to place my order with Fleur de Letters, what’s next?

To design a custom wedding suite, click here.

To order envelope calligraphy, click here.

To order calligraphy services on place cards, table numbers and more click here.

What is your standard turnaround time for envelope orders?

All orders are important and therefore completed in a timely manner. However, turnaround time may vary depending on the size of your order and the volume of other orders being processed. Typically, an order of 100 pieces will take 5-10 business days from start to finish. Please allow 2-3 weeks for completion of most orders. Processing time begins ones all materials and final guest list have been received.

I need my envelopes returned sooner, do you offer rush services?

Every effort will be made to accommodate your requested timeline and rush orders will be accepted as the production schedule allows.  For orders that need to be returned in less than 10 days, select *RUSH TURNAROUND* and we will be in touch regarding the fastest timeline possible. Rush orders incur an additional 25% fee.

Where do I select my calligraphy style?

Visit the Styles page to view examples of styles we offer. When placing your order, please note any special instructions such as “I want my addresses written on a diagonal” or “Please make the names large and the address smaller”, “Please mix with a block (all capitals) font” etc.

Are you able to address my envelopes in a style that matches my invitation design?

We are able to closely emulate many script fonts used on invitations. If you need to match the envelope calligraphy to your invitation design, please include a physical sample of your invitation (showing the script you’d like to match) with your envelope shipment.

What are my choices for ink colors?

Black and white are included in the price of your order. Custom colors are mixed to match your invitations for a one-time $20 custom color fee. Please note that metallic inks incur an additional fee per envelope.

How do I get my envelopes to you?

Once your order has been placed you will receive detailed information about where to send your envelopes or other materials. You may ship them yourself or have them sent directly from your printer or stationer to our studio in Los Angeles. Please remember our extra materials policy.

I know most calligrapher require extra materials, can you explain?

Due to the nature of writing by hand, working with a nib and ink and human error, most calligraphers require extra materials to cover any mistakes that will happen during the calligraphy process. We require 20% extra materials for all orders. This means, if you need 100 envelopes addressed, please send 120 envelopes. Same with place cards, table numbers etc. It’s always better to have a surplus than a shortage when it comes to your materials. When your order is finished and your materials are returned, will keep 3-5 extras in the event that changes need to be made. Otherwise, all extra paper materials will be returned with your finished calligraphy.

Can I order the actual envelopes themselves through Fleur de Letters?

When creating a custom invitation suite through Fleur de Letters your order will include envelopes. Otherwise, if your order consists of addressing services only, you provide materials by shipping them to the Fleur Studio.

In most cases, paper or other surface materials will be provided by the client for us to add calligraphy.

How should I format my guest list?

Please format your guest list centered in a Word Document, not a spreadsheet. Your guest list will be followed exactly as it is received therefore it is extremely important to double-check your list before submitting for calligraphy. Remember that formal wedding invitations traditionally spell out state names, “Apartment”, “Post Office Box” etc. Here’s an example of a properly formatted (fake) address:

Mr. and Mrs. George Clooney
1205 Beverly Boulevard
The Penthouse
Beverly Hills, California 90210

Please consider the following:

Will your zip code be on the same line as the city/state or dropped down to it’s own line?
Will you use an ampersand symbol (&) or spell out the word “and”?
Hand-written guest lists will not be accepted.

What if I have changes or additions to my guest list?

Last-minute changes and additions are common with wedding guest lists. We ask that you submit changes or additions by email and they will be added to your order. If your guest’s envelope has already been completed the revision will be treated as an additional envelope.

How will my order be returned to me?

All orders will be returned through UPS ground services with tracking provided.

If expedited shipping is necessary, please ensure this request is clearly communicated during checkout.  Fees associated with rush shipping will be billed separately.

What about my return address?

The most cost-effective way to include your return address on your envelopes is to have it printed on your outer envelope flap.  A second option is to use an address stamp. Finally, you may choose to have each return address written in calligraphy on the back of your envelopes. This return-addressing service costs $2.50 per envelope and includes 2 lines of calligraphy:

105 North Devereux Court
Atlanta, Georgia 30305

Does Fleur de Letters design return address stamps?

A listing for return address design can be found in the Logos and Monograms section of our website.  Fleur de Letters does not currently sell physical rubber stamps but we are happy to provide resources for ordering rubber stamps with the purchase of your custom stamp artwork.

Do you accept custom orders for artwork, poetry, wedding vows etc.?

By all means yes! Custom projects are incredibly special works of art to be enjoyed for decades and we are honored to create such treasured keepsakes. Each piece is unique and carefully considered in planning, sketching and execution. Please visit the Shop section of the website to browse listings.

Will my order be taxed?

Sales tax (8%) will be added for customers ordering within the state of California. For those orders placed outside of California, your order will not be taxed.