More Envelope Information

Guest List Submissions
Please upload your guest list as a Word document formatted as you would like the addresses to appear on your envelopes.   In order to eliminate confusion in regards to your preferred line spacing, spreadsheets are not accepted.  Additional guidelines to keep in mind:

Last Minute Guest List Addition Policy
Guest list additions and corrections may be submitted prior to the time your order is shipped. If a redo is necessary (due to client changes) for an envelope that has been completed, the correction will be treated as an additional envelope and reflected in an outstanding balance. Additions received after your order has been returned will incur a $25 post-order processing fee that will include return shipping for those additions. If the revision is the fault of the calligrapher, a new envelope will be created at no additional charge.

Extra Materials
15-20% extra envelopes are required for all orders, to cover any guest list changes, additions or corrections. Please keep this in mind when ordering you envelopes through your stationer. Orders received without extras will be placed on hold until the additional materials are received.

Return Shipping
Envelope orders will be returned via UPS ground shipping with the following flat rates:

Shipments for quantities above 300 will initially be billed for $30 and additional fees may apply.

If your order requires expedited shipping please communicate your shipping preferences in your order notes (at checkout) and the proper adjustments will be accommodated. Please include detailed return shipping information at the end of your guest list (where to ship your order, attention to, etc.).

Small Orders

Every event is special and deserving of hand calligraphy, therefore we accept orders of all sizes. However, orders of fewer than 50 envelopes will incur a $25 set-up fee.

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